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Bookcloth - Bamberger Kaliko

Bookcloth Supplied by Intercover (Please Click an Image to see more samples)
Range Description Colour Range (Please Click)
Iris Flagship product. Tissue lined rayon over 50 colours in the range. Iris Sample
Frankonia Tissue lined rayon with calendared finish to aid Printing and Foil blocking.
Frankonia Sample
Feincanvas Classic colours in a fine woven tissue lined rayon cloth. Feincanvas Sample
Duo A two-tone dyed tissue lined rayon cloth. Duo
Buckram 255 Acrylic coated cotton buckram. Buckram 255 sample
Eurobuckram Modern version of traditional hardwearing acrylic buckram. Eurobuckram Sample
Standard Lightweight buckram style acrylic coated cloth perfect for high quality offset printing and foil blocking.
Standard Sample
Durabel Strong acrylic coated cotton buckram for library and conservation work. Durabel sample
Lino Mixtures of cotton and linen fibres in varying proportions to produce a variety of natural looking cloth finishes. Lino Sample
Chromo A buckram quality cloth with a range of metallic finishes. Chromo Sample
Record Hard wearing traditional starch impregnated cloth. Record sample
Moiré Rayon bookcloth finished in a Moiré silk effect. Moire Sample
Colibri A new bookcloth based on a rayon fabric finished to give a shot silk appearance. Colibri Sample
Space A new concept in bookcloth finishing achieved using special Iridescent pigments.
Space Sample
Falzelstoff Starch finished cotton cloth suitable for stationery binding. Falzelstoff Sample